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Zodiac Keychain Wristlet and Scrunchie

Zodiac Keychain Wristlet and Scrunchie

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Our zodiac wrist lanyard and scrunchie sets make great small gifts for yourself, or your loved ones! The zodiac design creates a great gift for your astrology loving friends, and can be a great small stocking filler!

Hair scrunchies are a great start to your hair-care journey, making a great alternative to harsh, elastic hair ties! Our scrunchies can be worn all day long with minimal damage to the hair; keeping your hair looking beautiful and maintaining ultimate comfortability!

Always losing your keys in your bag? Our beautiful celestial lanyards are perfect for keeping your essentials safe and secure, and make a super cute accessory around your wrist. We use a sturdy material to shape our keychain wristlets, giving you a secure feeling around your wrist whilst you're carrying your important items!

Our items are carefully crafted, handmade by Katie. We put a lot of time and effort into making each item as perfect as possible :) All patterns may vary due to the nature of the fabric, so, please refer to all pictures available.
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