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Mushroom Kingdom Keychain Wristlet

Mushroom Kingdom Keychain Wristlet

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Never lose your keys again with this Mushroom Kingdom Keychain Wristlet! This unique and whimsical wristlet adds a fun grunge cottagecore vibe to your everyday essentials. Perfect for those who tend to misplace their keys, this keychain wristlet will keep your keys secure and stylishly close by.

Keychain Wristlet features:

  • Approx 6inch: Our short wrist lanyards are perfect for keeping your keys safe and secure whilst on the go. Short enough to not be dangling in your way, but long enough to comfortably fit around your wrist without restricting movement.
  • Split ring: We use a strong split ring for extra security. No chance for your important essentials to fall off your keychain whilst in use. 
  • Double-lined strap: For extra comfort around the wrist and a more secure feel.
  • Our wristlets make it super easy to find your keys when searching in your bag, making them super convenient to have around. 


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